About BCE

Who are we? What do we stand for?

Benicians for Clean Elections is a movement. Its members are an informal group of residents, organizations and associations interested and invested in the future of our beautiful community.

Our members come from all walks of life and represent a diverse range of backgrounds. Some of us have lived in Benicia for decades and raised families here, while others haved moved to Benicia as recently as 2019 to start families or retire.

BCE is a volunteer-only organization. We run on the time and energy of busy parents, grandparents and professionals.

Standards of ethics and fairness, as adopted and monitored by the California Fair Political Practices Commission and as reflected in Benicia’s own election rulws and standards, have been central to our work. We abide by those standards as we ask Valero and the “Working Families” PAC to join us in doing so.

We do not accept money or non-monetary contributions from any person who is not a member of BCE. We do not accept money from any external group or business. We have never collected money, nor fundraised publicly. Our rare expenses are paid for by our members acting as individuals, although BCE is carefully monitoring its cumulative expenses to ensure we abide by local, county and state reporting regulations.